She Was Kidnapped, Raped, Shot Twice & Thrown Into A Well, But She Survived & Brought Her Attackers To Justice

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A 15-year-old was kidnapped and raped for two weeks, shot twice in the chest and left for dead inside the well, but through it all she survived to bring her attackers to justice.

She was kidnapped by an acquaintance on November 22 on her way buy a SIM card, they took her from her home at West Delhi to an isolated farmhou

se in Salempur Gurjar village in India

After two weeks, the three attackers told her she was going to be released but they shoved her into a car, she tried to escape but they shot her twice in the chest and then threw her in a 30ft deep dry well in Tughalpur Village.

The brave girl managed to survive in spite of  the freezing night time conditions and kept screaming for help until one of the villagers heard her cries.

She was covered in blood as they pulled her out with a rope and they took her to a hospital on a motorbike.

She was able to tell police what had happened, and all three accused have been arrested.

Police said she was shot from close range with a .12-bore pistol.

Source : Gist Arena

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